The Guild of Legends

In this world of turmoil, the Guild arose. Made up of the most capable and influential folk on Al’Aunqua, the Guild undertakes quests for folk of all shapes and sizes.


Mages around the world erect universities in the study and implementation of Essence. They’ve discovered how to safely and carefully infuse their flesh in various configurations to achieve remarkable feats. It’s the mages, no matter from which university, who provide continued innovation and capabilities out of the Essence to build tools and comforts, as well as weapons of war.


Some believe that the gods should not be defiled in this way, dead or not. Devotees of the Uncountable Heavens worship and commit their lives to the living gods, and commune with them directly for influence, power, and with the hope to someday join their deity in the heavens in the Eternal Struggle. Priests and Clerics come in many shapes and sizes, influenced by the god(s) of their worship, their degree of devotion, and their radicalism. Radicals have been known to actively aggress against Mages and their ilk in order to end their toying with the stuff of gods.

Al’Aunqua’s Soul

Al’Aunqua, however, has a life of its own. It lives in the myriad existence of all flora and fauna whose life was born of its matter. Al’Aunqua’s aggregate consciousness, connected often without the knowledge of the inhabitants, is one glorious entity, watched over by the immortal gaze of the Primordials.


Al'Aunqua Novin Novin