A Primordial can take many shapes, though incredibly few can say to have seen one.


Most know of dragons, who are charged with vast domains of earth and water and have been known to intervene on the affairs of mortals as they are all appendages of Al’Aunqua. Dragons are immortal, and have watched over Al’Aunqua since it was hung amongst the stars and survived the invasion of Heaven those aeons ago. Their vigil might last roughly a decade, with their slumber being the same. Reports of how many, and where they might dwell are conflicting, but most scholars estimate there to be only 7 dragons across all of

Disciples of Al’Aunqua

Druids, Shaman, and other Aunquan spirituals seek to attain uninhibited connectedness to Al’Aunqua’s soul, and the souls of all creatures. It is through this great work that they are able to affect great works across Aunqua’s surface, to heal and destroy in the service of the whole. To these spirituals, the essence, and the gods in general, are a point of discord to this connection, and can be a fierce point of contention. To these spirituals, the gods are an invasion of this plane, and meddlers to boot.


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