Feel free to use the descriptor, type, and focus tables as jumping off points for your character, but the idea of this campaign is allowing you to play a more powerful character than you might otherwise in another system. They can also be rather eccentric or flamboyant as it fits the setting well enough. What’s important however, is some measure of balance.

This campaign is about a band of eccentric, self righteous, money-hungry adventurers that need to deal with their own character flaws in order to come together as a band and excel in the Guild for fame and fortune. And you know… save the world. One should never forget, your actions will have reactions, and in this world you never know exactly who you’re dealing with.

What that means is it’s fine and even encouraged to build a character that’s somewhat out of balance with his surroundings, but when you role play that character, be honest. No person is completely ridiculous all of the time and able to survive. Unless they’ve got a psychological, empathetic condition of some sort like Autism, they’ll have things and people they value, that they hold sacred, that motivate them. Your characters are eccentric, but they won’t succeed in this world without some amount of grounding. However they’ve come to be in the trials, they didn’t get to this point by being completely absurd all of the time, so what balances them? What value do they bring? Some questions:

  1. You have a terrible secret, what is it?
  2. How did you get accepted in the Guild? Admission to the guild is extremely difficult to achieve. It requires bribery, exceptional displays of skill in a very public or important event, influential connections, blackmail, or something of that sort.
  3. What’s one long-term goal for your character? (Something you want to achieve in your lifetime)
  4. What’s one short-term goal (something you want to achieve in the next year)

Building Your Dream

  1. Develop a solid idea of what you want your character to be.
  2. Tailor to fit
  3. Type
  4. Flavor
  5. Descriptor
  6. Focus

Descriptors can change on your character throughout play with one positive effect persisting from the old descriptor chosen by the GM. (RP reward)

Power Shifts PDF p272

  • You get 5, Limit 3 in 1 Shift. Start with 0
  • NEW powershift: Compelling: All rolls in social interaction (Leadership, Lying, Polite conversation)

Powershifts will be distributed in reaction to pivotal, possibly world-changing moments that might come about as a result of a quest, the accomplishment of player goals, a cataclysmic event or something else. There are many sources of power in Al’Aunqua, it’s up to the players to find them and make them their own… if they’re worthy.


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